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My Goals

My 101 goals in 1001 days (December 20, 2010 – September 16, 2013)

1.      Finish this list before the end of December 20  12/20/10
2.      Enter into a tennis tournament
3.      Finish scrapbooking pages up until the end of 2010
4.      Keep up no longer exists
5.      Go to a nice restaurant with the husband without the babe
6.      Not eat out once for 7 consecutive days 12/24/2010
7.      Not eat out once for 14 consecutive days 12/31/2010
8.      Exercise for 30 minutes five days out of the week for at least a month 03/30/2011
9.      Give service for each major holiday for a year
10.  Read 10 new books
11.  Read religious material daily for at least 3 months
12.  Learn to make one new dish a month 12/31/2012
13.  Go on a vacation out of the country
14.  Learn how to knit
15.  Learn how to crochet 12/16/2012
16.  Learn to play the cello
17.  Play a song for Sacrament Meeting
18.  Become a full-time stay-at-home mom 03/30/2011
19.  Train Nutmeg (dog)
20.  Enter a walk/run for a cause 05/21/2011
21.  Volunteer for an organization 01/11/2011 - Crisis Nursery, 03/22/2011 - 4-H Mentoring
22.  See the Northern Lights
23.  Win the “Gettin’ Healthy in 2011” Contest once no longer exists
24.  Not log onto Facebook for one whole week
25.  Have Landon 04/25/2012
26.  Visit the East Coast
27.  Make pasta noodles from scratch
28.  Go on a picnic with the family 06/2011
29.  Play tennis with the babe 04/2012
30.  Open a bank account for the babe and put money in it 01/07/2011
31.  Get a good supply of food storage
32.  Say no when I want to say yes
33.  Say yes when I want to say no 03/27/2011
34.  Go on a hike to some falls
35.  Go to a festival 06/2012
36.  Write a letter to the babe to be opened in 10 years
37.  Write a letter to myself to be opened in 10 years
38.  Write a letter to the husband to be opened in 10 years
39.  Write an apology letter 01/16/2011
40.  Write a grateful letter 06/2011
41.  Attend an event that requires a formal dress
42.  Potty train the babe 07/2012
43.  Learn to can food
44.  Buy new sneakers 02/2012
45.  Make fried cheesecake
46.  Make list of all family & friend’s birthdays
47.  Surprise the husband 04/2011
48.  Create a “Breakfast with Santa” for underprivileged kids
49.  Go to bed before 11 pm for 7 consecutive days 08/2011
50.  Do an unplanned good deed for a stranger
51.  Maintain eye contact with people while talking to them 09/2012
52.  Recognize and know the names of 50 people in the neighborhood 
53.  Floss daily for 30 consecutive days
54.  Back up all of the babe’s pictures
55.  Have all youth matched with mentors for work no longer work for 4-H
56.  Take a photo of a water fall 09/2012
57.  Go to Bear Lake
58.  Get a sewing machine
59.  Make something using my new sewing machine
60.  Learn and memorize 10 Mandarin sentences 11/2011
61.  Make Italian bread successfully
62.  Go to Wicked with the husband
63.  Learn 5 more cover guitar songs
64.  Only keep contacts in for one month-ish 11/2011
65.  Invite a neighbor over for dinner 06/2011
66.  Become proficient in Photoshop
67.  Strike up a conversation with a stranger that lasts longer than one minute 05/2012
68.  Find a place for all of the clothes the babe has out grown 12/2011
69.  Make whole wheat bread
70.  Go to a Farmer’s Market 06/2011
71.  Donate all clothes that I haven’t worn in the past few months 06/2012
72.  Do a giveaway on a website 07/2011
73.  Make something to give away
74.  Not use a credit card for any purchases for 6 months we use it for everything now to rack up points ...
75.  Run a mile in under 10 minutes
76.  Visit Temple Square’s Christmas lights with the babe
77.  Make a pie and pie crust from scratch
78.  Finish hanging pictures in the apartment (we’ve only lived here 7 months) 12/2011
79.  Go through all of my old college binders and trash unneeded ones
80.  Watch Italian Job to relive first date with the husband 01/2012
81.  Learn to make Lion House rolls
82.  Try the restaurant Joe Vera’s 01/22/2011
83.  Take pictures of Provo’s Center Street
84.  Make a craft for our home
85.  Make a film with the husband
86.  Buy 3 new board or card games 2012
87.  Go to Wisconsin to visit relatives
88.  Go to Missouri to visit relatives there are no relatives there, went to AZ instead 01/2012
89.  Got to Costco without trying a sample if they are available 08/2012
90.  Double savings that is currently in the bank 09/2011
91.  Sell my brand new 70-200mm camera lens now I want to keep it
92.  Avoid checking email for one entire day if it is available
93.  Go to the zoo with the babe 08/2012
94.  Visit a beach 09/2012
95.  Win a drawing/contest 12/24/2010 (to Trafalga)
96.  Enter an item into the county fair
97.  Get over 6000 points on the QRANK iPhone game 01/2011
98.  Child proof the apartment
99.  Write in journal for 30 consecutive days
100. Enter a photo into a contest
101. Attend 6 Enrichment nights 2012